Launching in Europe's digital hot spot

No other area in Germany has such a unique concentration of innovative scientific institutions, competence and economic development schemes for cybersecurity makers. Together with our twin hub in Frankfurt, which focuses on FinTech, we are one of 12 national digital hubs. We are in one of Europe’s most dynamic scientific and economic hot spots, being located in Darmstadt, part of the Rhein-Main-Metropolitan area.

Global impact: The heart of applied cybersecurity beast in Darmstadt.

Short and accessible decision lines, the connection with international networks, the exchange with world-leading scientists, the strong economic power of the region, proximity to customers, investors, talent and potential employees – there are many reasons to settle in Germany’s digital hotspot.



Coworking in HUB31

An der Kaffeemaschine im HUB 31

Picture courtesy of Ann-Kathrin Riedel, Labspace (Lab³)

Opened in 2017, HUB31 provides startups with the creative space they need for focussing on their innovations. Be it in their own office, in the co-working space, the lounge, at the coffee machine, its sophisticated makerspace or Lab3’s science area – Darmstadt’s technology and founder center HUB31 is the home for tomorrow’s unicorns. HUB31 collaborates with Techquartier’s co-working space in Frankfurt.



Picture courtesy of Ann-Kathrin Riedel, Labspace (Lab³)